Campaña Mundial por el desarrollo de planes de Salud Mental



La World Federation for Mental Health ha lanzado una campaña mundial de concienciación de los gobiernos para que se desarrollen planes de Salud Mental en todos los países.

Los cinco objetivos que plantean son los siguientes:

  1. Its critical to ensure that the WHO Mental Health Action Plan is finalized and implemented by all countries.
  2. Convening a UN General Assembly Special Session for Mental Health is necessary to ensure changes are implemented by all countries
  3. Do you or your Organization support that there are FIVE major non-communicable diseases [WHO wording] affecting world health, namely: Cancer; Cardiovascular Disease; Diabetes; Respiratory Disorders; AND Mental, Neurological and Substance Abuse Disorders?
  4. Do you agree that mental health and well-being should be recognized as essential components of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (2015) as successors to the Millennium Goals. [Without which governments have no obligation to provide funding].
  5. Do you believe that mental health should be represented on all international disaster emergency committees? That disaster mental health services be aware of the serious problems caused by economic, natural disasters and violence, war and human rights violations.

Si estás de acuerdo, responde afirmativamente a dichos objetivos a través de esta encuesta:


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