GRIDCOR: Correspondence Analysis for Grid Data v. 4.0 (Windows 95/98/NT)) by Dr. Guillem Feixas &
Dr. Josi Manuel Cornejo







If you want get a demo version 4.0 of Gridcor

Clic here

(More information )

To read the Online Manual, 

To read the Manual for the repertory grid using the GRIDCOR programme (version 4.0), 

How to quote GRIDCOR:
Feixas, G., & Cornejo, J. M. (2002). GRIDCOR v. 4.0: Correspondence analysis for grid data [Computer software]. Barcelona: Psimedia. Retrieved from

This demo can be used five times. Afterwards, it will ask you for a register code, which you will get once you’ve bought the application.

You don’t need a key disk! You can start using Gridcor today!

PRICE LIST, version 4.0:




Version Individuals Institutions
 4.0 -50 acceses  50 EUROS  120 EUROS
 2.0 (DOS).  90 EUROS  150 EUROS








Upgrade to 4.0 from previous versions…………. 50 EUROS/ 120 EUROS


This price does not include IVA (21%) obligatory for commercial
transactions in Spain, and for individuals of European countries (EU).
Not required for countries outside the European community.

Individuals´s price is for one instalation in only two computers.










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